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RE: Financial support


As a candidate for the Board I find the messages of the past few days most
refreshing and thought provoking. I have studied the desires of AMSAT's
members (and non-members) and I see that things haven't changed much. Many
individuals have strong opinions about a certain orbit, or mode, or
technology or operational schedule, etc. These opinions are all over the map
and the AMSAT organization could not possibly satisfy everyone.  I wrote an
article on this subject that is in the 2002 AMSAT Proceedings titled
"Microsat Design - What Do People Want?" That article only covered part of
the range of issues raised here but, even so, I expect some of you would
find it enlightening to review the article anyway.

My message is vote for what you want! AMSAT is your organization and the
Board and officers will respond. Vote for Board members who will listen to
you and represent your view, at least more often than not.  Vote with your
pocketbook by designating your contributions for the fund of your choice.
Vote by expressing your opinions to your Board members and Officers.  Vote
by leading or participating in activities that you care about.

Take note - you cannot influence AMSAT unless you are a member.  If you feel
that change is needed then JOIN and improve AMSAT from within.

Where are the new members going to come from?  Well, there are about 10,000
Hams who have e-mail aliases in the amsat.org domain.  We do not exclude
non-members from this service (yet). If half of the non-members using that
service would join we would be in much better shape! 

Also, if the many vocal participants on amsat-bb who are not members would
join AMSAT we would be much better off. You would be surprised at how many
on the bulletin board are not members.


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I agree with Jon.

Eagle is a great concept, and that's why I mark my donations "use for Eagle

73 de va3rr/aa8lu

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