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Re: new ham

You took already the first step and that was to find the amsat page. Browse 
through the site and look at the uplink and downlink frequencies (and 
respective modes) of the available satellites and determine what your next 
step will be: all-mode or fm radio. the absolute cheapest is probably 2m and 
a tnc for digital packet through PCsat and ISS (when they are both 
operating) or a dual band handheld for UO-14 fm voice (2m uplink, 70cm 

The elders here can help you better than I. 

Welcome to ham radio. 


Telus writes: 

> just got into ham radio because of IRLP and Echolink, once i got in i saw
> that i could contact the iss from my 2-meter radio. then while searching the
> internet for information on iss i cam across amsat. I would like to get onto
> a satilite, but all i could get is a single band radio, and NOT SSB, an FM
> radio. I would like to work the satilites, and if i could, I could probably
> bring at least one friend into the hobby. 
> I would also like to know of some inexpensive equipment to start working the
> satilites, thinking of getting a mobile all-band all-mode radio 
> Josh
> va7jaj@ve7ept.#NWBC.BC.CAN.NOAM
> IRLP node 1470 
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