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Re: Financial support

Jumping into the fray...

What is not clear to me is how AMSAT-NA's mission is being executed relative
to being a non-profit entity (this could be my fault for not digging deeper
but the impression suggests this).  This is normally associated with a
strong community service element (needs to be in order to keep 501 (c) 3

To achieve success with large fundraising projects, there needs to be a
powerful contribution to the community service aspect to justify donor,
grant and foundation support.  Member support is typically integrated into
this process as anchor large donors can come from the membership.  The need
for assistance from professional fundraising experts cannot be overstated. 

What I see missing from the threads is the huge education potential for
educating and demonstrating space science and communications via satellite
(in addition to ISS).  Both developing projects (Echo & Eagle) can support
this mission (along with the existing satellites).  Additionally, the
benefits of international exposure and cultural exchange can be addressed.
The fallout of the program would be prospects for new Hams and AMSAT

I suggest the board develop an execution strategy for creating an active,
recurring program for benefiting the education system.  Once you get into
this system with reasonable visibility, you gain access to large donor
opportunities that can support our objectives.  There is sufficient
technical expertise in AMSAT (and external) to solve the execution
requirements of the ground station equipment needed to accomplish this goal.

Without the community service emphasis and the scope of our projects being
primarily for the benefits of the members, it is hard to realize how donors
would want to participate (other than member donors).  Lets expand the
horizon - both literally and in our organization.

73s, Bill - K5AXW
(BTW - Served on multiple boards of non-profits so I have seen this issue
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