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Insurance beneficiary: AMSAT - Further REPLY -

Luc & Art said:
>Can we put AMSAT as an life insurance beneficiary and gaining tax
>deductions for premium paid?

In the USA, I believe the answer is yes.  However, everyone should
their tax advisor.  We've discussed creating a system to do similar
for our Canadian Members.  Nothing yet.  Stay tuned.....

The short answer is "You bet!!" 
I will propose a complete package of just such concepts to the full
AMSAT-NA board. 
We can do much in the area of bequests including insurance and general
gifts to an Endowment Trust. It is appropriate to start work on this
project since estate planning is an ongoing concern for all of us, often
much time passes between intent and actual realization, and the need is
real. I am already working on the logistics of this project. Had lunch
yesterday with an attorney friend who has a vast background in such
Endowment Trusts. You'll hear more in coming months.

Just keep the ideas coming!!! All the brain power we need to increase
our budget two or three fold, massively jack up our launches, and take
AMSAT forward as a GROWING organization, rest right here, with thinking
members. We don't need to invent anything, just adopt the GOOD ideas
that have been perfected by others, and put them to work for US..

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