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Re: Financial support

> ...members need to know what they're donating money to and there is just
> not enough information about the capabilities of Eagle yet for some to
> feel comfortable about sending in a donation.

Well, that suggests this thought:

...if someone likes satellites, then they should just contribute anything
they can afford to "anyone" that is doing "something" towards Amateur
Satellites.  AMSAT seems like the perfect organization to send your money

We would rather see those AMSAT volunteers that work so hard for the rest
of us to spend more time building satellites than accounting to every ones
personal opinons about how to spend their $50.

Yes, vote your opinions on what you "prefer" to see on orbit, but leave it
up to the people doing the work to make the nickle and dime decisions
about how best to get something up there...

Or we could be like some organizations and dedicate 100% of all of our
energies and funds at making everyone happy, fund raising, advertising,
shaking hands, working with the media, writing papers, writing
newsletteers, making sure that everyone felt comfortable that thier
personal needs were being met... and not building a thing....

Just a thought...


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