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Re: Re: The AMSAT Web-page

On 18 Jun 2003 at 9:34, Barry - VA3BJD wrote:

> I don't see what one has to do with the other.  If the the AMSAT Web
> Page was modernized and became user friendly it would be a great
> advertising media. Well designed websites attract attention. The AMSAT
> web-page in it's present state looks antiquated. I often browse eHam,
> ARRL, QRZ and other Ham related sites and don't mind seeing banner
> ads. 
>   The mentioned websites also are well laid out and are very user
> friendly.  In the case of the ARRL site members get access to areas
> that other hams don't.  This might encourage people to join the ARRL.

As this thread continues (raising funds) lets all keep in mind that 
as a non-profit organization, AMSAT can't do whatever it wants to 
turn a buck...there are some legal ramifications of maintaining that 
not for profit status. I don't know if accepting Web advertising 
falls into a problem area or not but it has been discussed many times 
before and always rejected. Perhaps that is why? 

Jeff, Ke9v

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