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Ham Radio apathy

My two cents,

I am not a member of AMSAT, I do not plan to be.  Some of the issues.
Apathy, where are the young hams?  The club here has  maybe three
hams who are under twenty years of age, then the rest of the club is
late thirties to old timers like myself.  ARRL's "Big  Project" may get
a few young people interested?   There are more choices for outside
interest of young  people now days, how do we get them interested in
ham radio?  Or you mention satellite operation at a club meeting,
they all say, ya I would like to do that some day, but never do.
I do not think out of the 125 members of the club maybe one or
two are semi active on the satellites.  I suggested a speaker for
a meeting to speak on satellite operation.  The program chair person
was not the least bit interested.

Antenna restrictions is where I fall in the scope of things.  I live  in an
apartment, can not put up yagis.  Soon most likely to be living in senior
subsidized housing. I won't be able to put up antennas there for HF  let
alone yagis or dishes  for any of the satellites.   Tried to get into FO-29
yesterday on CW with ground plane antennas, didn't"t make it. So disgusted
and won't try again.   So far only digipeat through PCsat and ISS when the
packet was active have been the only satellite contacts in the past few 
I don't care  for two meter FM chit chat or Echo or I -Link  as my  
hearing is
bad  and have Tinnitus so that  effects my operating, mostly  PSK31 and  a
few other digital modes.  Will enjoy the time I can operate these past 
few years
it has been fun and have no other choice in housing so see my operating ham
radio coming to an end.  Club has a station, needs work and I can not  do
the work they need to get it operational and no one seems interested in
getting  the station on the air.  They will take the HF and two meter 
rigs out
for field day and share with the 3M club site as they  can't get enough 
to man the weekend either, apathy?


Jerry - K0HZI

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