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Re: [was financial support] The AMSAT Web-page

On Wednesday, June 18, 2003, at 07:21  AM, John Wright wrote:

> Somewhere else to be bombarded with unwanted advertising?
> please, NO
> the BB has just implemented Spam filtering, serving up adverts on the 
> web site would be like admitting that was a waste of time.
> Please NO adverts on the web site!
> John

I don't see what one has to do with the other.  If the the AMSAT Web 
Page was modernized and became user friendly it would be a great 
advertising media. Well designed websites attract attention. The AMSAT 
web-page in it's present state looks antiquated. I often browse eHam, 
ARRL, QRZ and other Ham related sites and don't mind seeing banner ads. 
  The mentioned websites also are well laid out and are very user 
friendly.  In the case of the ARRL site members get access to areas 
that other hams don't.  This might encourage people to join the ARRL.

Barry - VA3BJD

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