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Re: Financial Support did you look international?

Hi, Luc!!

At 10:54 PM 17-06-03 -0400, Luc Leblanc (VE2DWE) wrote:
>As international a satellite is should we focusing on less projects to 
>permit much users.  will a new international federation called IAMSAT can 
>concentrate fundings at a planetary scale?

As always, the devil is in the details.  Got some specific ideas?

>Unesco and UN have special peace and educational funding program. Can Ham 
>radio covering our whole planet be a new peace promoting vector?

Amateur radio has been doing that since the beginning without special 
funding.  How would we approach the UN or one of its agencies?  Which one?

>Can we put AMSAT as an life insurance beneficiary and gaining tax 
>deductions for premium paid?

In the USA, I believe the answer is yes.  However, everyone should consult 
their tax advisor.  We've discussed creating a system to do similar things 
for our Canadian Members.  Nothing yet.  Stay tuned.....

>As new blood in our ham ranks is badly needed can our national ham 
>organisations contribute. A new way to promote ham radio...space is cool !


73, art.....
W4ART Fairfax, VA
Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation  

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