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low receive

       > Hello !!
       I have two questions       
      A)     is the sun suspect  for low receive (max noise) for MB
              > when AO40 is  in line ( antenna ,sat, sun ) ??
          this situation happen when sat placed to my zenith position
              (~180 deg   azimuth & max elevation )
B)	In telemetry file at field TX POWER what mean S2 Pwr : [118] 
		What unit is 118 ,and what relation with TX watt ??
              Same question ,  at field AGC/ALC at  U-Rx : 2.34 dB 
              Where has respect , because dB is relation unit ,and what is
relation with S unit ??

> 1 )   Downconverter     kuhne  2.4Ghz to 144Mhz
> 2 )   Antenna              parabolic from wireless lan 2.4ghz 24dbi
                                 > feed, polarization horizontal (respect
earths horizon)
                                 > at vertical don't receive anything , why
??  . Try to construct circular
                                 > polarization coffee Can  feed ,better rx
from helical antenna
> 3 )   Receiver             ic706mk2g , with preamp On or off I have same
S/N ratio

Thanks much 
Yours ,,,>
     Antonis Margaros
     KM37IT      EU049
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