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Re: Financial support

At 07:32 PM 6/17/03 +0100, "Ken Chaffee,WA1QXR" <WA1QXR@AMSAT.Org> wrote:
>For those of you who subscribe to the AMSAT-BB but are not members
>of AMSAT-NA, please consider joining us and contributing your unique talent,
>time, and treasure to our efforts. Hope to see you all in Toronto.
>                  73,
>Ken Chaffee, WA1QXR

Excellent idea, but members need to know what they're donating money to and 
there is just not enough information about the capabilities of Eagle yet 
for some to feel comfortable about sending in a donation.  If I'd have sent 
in a donation for Echo, and I see now what it will do, I would've felt like 
I got screwed.  And now, I kind of feel like we all got screwed 
anyway.  There never should been an Echo if that meant fewer funds or 
construction delays for Eagle.

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