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re:Financial support

Ham radio is blessed with lots of different views;
here's mine:  I subscribe to our local symphony by
buying season tickets.  If the officials set the
ticket price too high few would show up for the
performances and the musicians would have less
incentive to play well.  Some of the folks who buy the
tickets can't afford more but they attend the
performances and clap and shout the bravo's with the
best of them.

The organizers solicit the ticket holders for
contributions because ticket revenue doesn't cover
expenses and dreams.  Some of the ticket holders are
blessed with resources and contribute so all,
including those who can't afford to contribute, can
hear good music.  If they only contributed for the
program they wanted to hear, soon there would be no
music at all and everyone would be the poorer.

I contribute to good music, both from symphony hall
and from space.  My first President's Club
contribution is on it's way.

Ralph Bolt K0HML 
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