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Funding discussions

I have read with great interest the discussions in response to the 
original comment about funding.  I fear that someone soon will take 
offense and ask that this "off-topic" discussion be taken off the bb.

I would plead that this NOT happen.  It is very ON-topic, and goes to 
the heart and soul of AMSAT's future.  I've enjoyed the discussion. 
It's been temperate, fact-based opinions, and has been very revealing in 
what some board candidates think.  It will be helpful in my decision in 
the next election.  Beyond the next election, beyond what individual 
candidates think, I think this intellectual discussion, taking as much 
emotion as possible out of a potentially emotional subject, is HEALTHY 
for AMSAT.  Let's find out what members and potential members THINK!

Thanks to all contributors and all the best.

With great respect and very 73,


James A. Sanford, PE
CAPT US Navy (retired)
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