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RE: Future Sats: L/U

> It certainly could.  RUDAK was supposed to be sort of the 
> precursor to 
> that, but it may or may not fully work.  If I remember right, I think 
> Eagle was supposed to have a digital voice mode.  Not sure if that's 
> still in it or not.  But a digital signal would certainly help with 
> what you say.  On the other hand, it would potentially scare some 
> people away as it would be "new" just like S band has.

Well, maybe it depends on who your audience is?  SSB turns me away, because
of the requirement for multiple SSB transceivers and large antennas for high
orbiting sats, not to mention the "octopus" factor. :-)  SSB gear is still
analog in nature and not subject to the Moore's Law influences that digital
systems generally are, so the prices remain high (SDRs may be the
breakthrough we need here).

Remember, I'm forced to operate portable for some aspects (e.g. HF), and
also computer controllable rigs are not an option ($$$$).  HF operations are
also limited to portable (and mobile) for me, but there, one doesn't have
Doppler on two bands and antenna tracking to consider...
> Better yet, get a C band and X band transponder working (like was 
> planned on AO-40).  Then you could use the same dish for 
> transmit/receive and it could be a DSS sized dish.

Well, I was interested in the higher bands on AO-40 for precisely this
reason.  If I could have found an economical way to get sufficient power on
C band, C/X might have been a good choice for me.

> Anyhow, hope to hear you on AO-40 sometime, Tony!

It's still a long way off - that darned "lightweight SSB factor" again.

My point here is what turns people on and off depends on who they are.  I
wonder which would be more appealing to the younger generation... Maybe they
come up with something we haven't even considered!  I'm below the median age
for hams, and I don't have a huge investment in existing VHF/UHF SSB gear,
hence SSB is less appealing to me than it might be for someone who's

>From a communications standpoint, I have full HF privileges, and these days,
IRLP and other VoIP systems offer higher quality communications to the more
populated areas around the world (with ham radio as the endpoints).  That
leaves the technology itself as the major point of interest - actually
getting into space and back with an advanced form of communication.  My IRLP
background also makes digital voice on satellite more appealing.  The
possibilities of combining systems is endless.  SSB does not offer that
flexibility in an easy and reliable fashion.  Digital voice modes will.

Not picking, just adding an alternative perspective.

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