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Re: Future Sats: L/U

On Tuesday, Jun 17, 2003, at 21:13 America/Chicago, Tony Langdon wrote:

> I'm inclined to be more interested in the digital approach.  Could the 
> power
> of a modern PC be harnessed to do the DSP side of a digital satellite 
> comms
> system?  How much/little hardware do we need?  Something that requires 
> a
> modest antenna, a bit of hardware and not require an octopus to drive 
> (2
> VFOs, rotators - I'm not going to be one in a position to run auto
> everything for a number of years).

It certainly could.  RUDAK was supposed to be sort of the precursor to 
that, but it may or may not fully work.  If I remember right, I think 
Eagle was supposed to have a digital voice mode.  Not sure if that's 
still in it or not.  But a digital signal would certainly help with 
what you say.  On the other hand, it would potentially scare some 
people away as it would be "new" just like S band has.

Better yet, get a C band and X band transponder working (like was 
planned on AO-40).  Then you could use the same dish for 
transmit/receive and it could be a DSS sized dish.

Anyhow, hope to hear you on AO-40 sometime, Tony!



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