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AMSAT-NA Pictures needed

I am in need of pictures of AMSAT activities, past and present, for a
"Case for Support" which I am preparing. This is part of the preparation
for an outside funding package I hope to present to the board.
The following categories are of particular interest:
1. Historical (Going back to the early days, with some of the founding
2. Publicity Value (Pictures of AMSAT personnel standing with people of
special note - political - scientific etc)
3. Fabrication (The planning & fabrication of AMSAT-NA birds)
4. Launch (Assembly - checkout- blastoff off AMSAT birds)
5. AMSAT seen in High Places (Booths, demonstrations, etc in places like
the Smithsonian)
6. Everyday Hams using AMSAT birds. (Arrow in hand, HT in other, etc.)
7. Community outreach (Pictures of actual ARISS sessions with lots of
interested kids gathered around.)
8. Any other pictures that you think visually tell the story of AMSAT
and it's mission.
SPECIAL NOTE: Please caption every picture with Who, What, When, and
The more the better. I would rather be inundated then miss the great
By the way, I'll keep all these photos so they are available for the use
of others.
Thanks to everyone for their assistance.
Gunther Meisse

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