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Re: Schematic capture & PCB creation software

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Howard Long wrote:
>>(b) What is the recommended way of producing very small volume double-sided
>>PCBs in the shack?
> Unbelievably simple.  Go to ExpressPCB.COM and download their ExpressPCB
> software (its fully functional and free).  Because after you lay out your
> board, you just "click" on "Purchase" and it asks for your credit card
> number and then you get the board in the mail the next week.
> NOthing could be easier...  But I dont know about shiping costs to UK...

I have to second Bob's recommendation.  The software is easy to use, and 
the boards are very high quality.  For commercially made boards in small 
volume, the price is fairly good too.  I have used them for commercial 
projects (back in my broadcast engineering days), and also for a couple 
around the house in as low as 2 board quanities.  I do recommend that 
you order more boards than you think you will need as the per order flat 
cost is high enough that you will kick yourself if you order 2 boards 
and 6 months later want one more.  The cost per board is fairly low (for 
commercially made boards).

I have tried to etch boards at home, and never have been able to get 
decent quality.  ExpressPCB is the way to go!

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