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squint angle with SatPC32

Jim KB3KJ wrote:

I also got SatPC32 from Amsat but I do not think it really calculates 
AO-40 squint angles as there doesn't seem to be any way to enter ALON and
ALAT into the program.   I believe the squint angles printed out are only
correct if ALON/ALAT is 0/0, anyone know for sure?

Wayne replies:

SatPC32 reads alon/alat from a text file called Squint.SQF.  If you have SatPC32 version 10.0 or newer, you can open that file from the main program by using the pull-down menu "?", "Auxiliary Files", "Squint.SQF".  Then the file will open with Notepad.

Here is the value that I have in Squint.SQF:     AO-40,now,245,1

You have to use version 11.0 or newer for "now" to be accepted.  With older versions you will need to enter today's date in DDMMYYYY format.  Entering the date is not desirable because the program makes the technically correct assumption that alon/alat drifts with the characteristics of the orbit.  For AO40 this is not the case because the satellite is regularly magnetorqued to correct for the mystery effect.  If you use the date, you will need to update the date every couple of weeks to get correct squint calculations.

The user manual (manual.DOC) explains how to specify the alon/alat.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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