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Re: Need AO-40 Squint Angle Calculator / Program

Jim just enter the alon/alat info from
http://www.amsat-dl.org/journal/adlj-p3d.htm into the  satpc32\squint.sdf
file and your good to go. I've found it to be spot on. When the d/l is, say
to be turned off at an MA of  120...and the program report's ma of 120, it
happens within a few second's!

73 Jeff kb2m

> I also got SatPC32 from Amsat but I do not think it really calculates
> AO-40 squint angles as there doesnt seem to be any way to enter ALON and
> ALAT into the program.   I believe the squint angles printed out are only
> correct if ALON/ALAT is 0/0, anyone know for sure?
>                                  73s Jim KB3KJ  n5x@psu.edu

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