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EchoLink Conference Server

Jeff KE9V writes:
>I really appreciate the work that goes into the audio files available 
>on the EchoLink conference server.


>I'm guessing that the weekly AMSAT News that is available 
>there must be first converted to MP3 format(?).

Actually, MP3 format is not involved.  I record the audio 
as .WAV files and convert it to a special format that the 
Amsat Conference Server uses with a .TBD extension.  

The converted files are just Echolink packets with a small 
header.  I use a program called tbdcnv to convert the files.  
You can learn more about tbdcnv and the conferencing 
software at


I suppose that if there is interest I could upload the .WAV 
files to the Amsat server in addition to the regular files 
that are uploaded to the Echolink server.  

Paul could make them available via the web or FTP or
something, I think.  Paul?

>From .WAV file format anyone should be able to 
convert them to their favorite format.  I think.

Douglas KA2UPW
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