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Re: Easy rotor question

What you really want to know is why are two wires larger.

The answer is that Belden started making rotator cable for the amateur 
community many years ago (at least as far back as 1950 when I started in 
the hobby) when virtually the only rotators available were the 
Cornell-Dublier Electronics (CDE) models (in bell-shaped housings) which 
specified 8-wire cable with the larger wires for the brake solenoid. Over 
the years these models were purchased from CDE and manufactured by Hy-Gain, 
and now MFJ with names like Tailtwister. It is amazing that the design has 
changed little over the years. The Belden wire is why you probably also 
have 8 wire cable and the Yaesu only takes 6. Do what you want but that is 
the history.
ron w8gus. 

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