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Re: Better than 52 simplex

that a great idea Bob
nick k5qxj

> Better than 52. Travelers Mobile Radar!
> If you cant operate satellite mobile, then here is another way to QSO.
> If you're on a long trip and cant find anyone to talk to just activate
> your mobile HAM "radar" detector.  Many APRS mobiles run what is called
> "voice alert" on 144.39 MHz.  This means they are LISTENING with CTCSS
> 100.  Thus, they never hear anything unless someone is within SIMPLEX
> range of them and calls with CTCSS-100..  Its like a radar detector.  If
> you pass within simplex range of someone else with VOICE-ALERT, even if
> they are not talking, you will hear an occassional ping because their once
> a minute packet is also transmitted with CTCSS-100. (136.5 europe).
> Normally this is just for APRS mobiles, but I just realized that even if
> you are not running APRS, but just want to see if anyone is in simplex
> range while driving, anyone can tune there and listen.  If you hear a
> packet break your CTCSS 100 squelch, then you know he is in SIMPLEX range
> and he is also LISTENING on the speaker for a call with PL 100.
> This is better than 146.52, because of the automatic "pings" by each such
> mobile.  You can drive all day listening to 52 and pass within range of
> dozens of others, but if no one calls CQ once every two mintues or so, you
> may never find each other. (Two cars passing at 60 MPH are beyond mobile
> range in 5 minutes.
> With APRS Voice Alert you have three guarantees:
> 1) One of his radios is ALWAYS ON.
> 2) One of his radios is ALWAYS tuned to  144.39
> 3) If he has set VOICE ALERT, then he has the VOLUME UP and
>    will hear you if you set CTCSS-100.
> But if you call on 144.39 voice alert, you MUST state "calling on Voice
> Alert", otherwise, he will assume you came in on his normal voice radio
> and he will come back to you, but on the other radio because he has no way
> of knowing otherwise.

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