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AO-40 3rd Birthday Contest

AMSAT is sponsoring a contest on AO-40 to celebrate its 3rd birthday on 
November 16, 2003. For questions, please email Bruce Paige, KK5DO, 


Beginning September 16, 2003, 0000 UTC and ending November 17, 2003, 0000 UTC 
AMSAT is sponsoring a contest to celebrate AO-40's 3rd Birthday.  SSB, CW and 
Digital operations are acceptable for this contest. The AO-40 Command Team 
requests that CW and Digital operations be performed with minimal power (QRP 
suggested) to keep the AGC down. 

All hams worldwide are welcome to participate. Awards will be given out for Top 
Scores Worldwide, Stateside, Non-Stateside, and AMSAT-NA Member (with paid up 
dues). Runners up in each of the above categories will also receive an award. 
It is possible for one person to get one or more of the awards due to his 
particular location and score. 

The exchange for the contest is Call sign, Grid Square, AMSAT-NA membership 
number (for AMSAT-NA members), for non-AMSAT-NA members your year and month of 
birth (YYMM).

K5OE de KK5DO 
KK5DO de K5OE EL29 12345
K5OE de KK5DO EL29 L34567 (L is used to indicate Life Member)
Or if K5OE were not a member, K5OE EL29 5511

Contact with an AMSAT-NA Life Member SSB = 3 points, CW/Digital = 6 points
Contact with an AMSAT-NA Member SSB = 2 points, CW/Digital = 4 points
Contact with a non AMSAT-NA ham SSB = 1 point, CW/Digital = 2 points 

Everyone is encouraged to participate and submit a score. Email logs will be 
accepted. All logs must be received by Bruce Paige, KK5DO on or before November 
30, 2003. If not participating in the contest, please send your log as a check 

Postal submissions may be made to:
Bruce Paige, KK5DO
PO Box 310
Alief, TX 77411

Logs from logging programs should be in Cabrillo format or exported in ASCII 
with the same fields as the paper logs but may be in the order that the logging 
program exports them. (i.e., SSB might be logged as USB/LSB by the logging 
program or Grid might be exported before AMSAT #/Birthday)

All paper logs should be in the following format:
Date (YYYY/MM/DD), Time (UTC), Call sign, Grid Square, AMSAT #  or Birthday 
(YYMM), SSB/CW, Point Value
2003/10/16, 1400, KK5DO, EL29, L34567, SSB, 3
2003/10/17, 0100, K5OE, EL29, 12345, CW, 4
2003/10/17, 0105, XX1XX, EL01, 0955, USB, 1

Those participating in the contest are encouraged to submit a weekly total by 
category so that we can have a running history of activity. These scores will 
be posted without call signs so as not to give away who has what score. Please 
submit the weekly score to kk5do@amsat.org

Bruce Paige, KK5DO                             
AMSAT VP-User Services & Awards Manager        
ARRL Awards Manager (WAS, 5BWAS, VUCC), VE     
Houston AMSAT Net - Wed 0100z on W0KIE AMC-7, 
T5, 7.5Mhz
Also streaming MP3 at http://www.amsatnet.com  
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