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Re: kb2m@comcast.net

  I check my bag locked. At some airport's I'm asked to open it. for
inspection, this happens about 5% of the time.When this happens , I opened
it watched the inspection, then re-locked it when done. I would think after
9/11 that the baggage area of an airport is VERY secure, with live video
recording/monitoring going on in all areas 24/7. I doubt anyone is going to
mess with the checked bag's at that point! So the only problem I see is
rough handling. I have logged over 250k miles since becoming a ham and only
'lost' my bag once,  this was on 9/11. My bag was on another flight and  I
had to pick up on the way home as air traffic was grounded all week. When I
retrieved it all was intact.
  I now travel CONUS only, to fulfill my job requirement's, not offshore
since before 9/11, so I can't speak for any procedures being done there. I'm
not so sure the airline isn't responsible for any electronics. But I've
never had a problem, so have filed no claim's. Or if this is true, perhaps
one's homeowner's policy will cover?

73 Jeff kb2m

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> You wrote:
> When I travel by plane, I have a big hardcase wheeled bag to check. I put
everything in the checked bag, except an HT to play with at the Airport,
with my laptop. If you check everything else, you will have no problem's.
Just make sure it is packed well. I travel about 10 to 20 times a year and
this alway's work's for me.

> Don't you have to check the bag unlocked most of the time?  It doesn't
bother you that anybody can get into your bag, and that electronic stuff is
NOT insured against theft or damage?
> Wayne W9AE

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