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RE: Batteries and airlines

Hi Wayne

> I have never heard of ANYBODY having an HT
> confiscated by airport security.  Telescoping
> whip antennas may be confiscated, though.

Happened twice to me pre 9/11. Once at Vancouver, once at London Heathrow,
coincidentally on the same trip in 1989. Both times they had it taken from
my hand baggage and put on as hold baggage. Since then I have taken the
simple step of removing the rubber duck antenna from the radio and then
passing it through the X-Ray. I must've taken at least a hundred flights
since then without incident.

The story at Vancouver was that a Ham licence didn't mean anything. They
said that if I'd had a pilot's licence with me that would've been
acceptable. I am now sure that on this occasion someone making the rules up
as they went along.

I also think that the pleathora of FRS walkie talkies around these days
means we're less likely to be victims of this non-crime!

73 Howard G6LVB

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