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Re: Batteries and airlines

> I have never been asked to turn anything on. But one time in Atlanta, 
> they did
> swab the inside of the carry on bag and tested for explosive residue. 
> Handed me
> the bag and said thank you.

I *have* been asked to turn my Kenwood TH-79A on, but it was in my 
carry on luggage and the security folks had pulled it out and wanted to 
make sure it was what it looked like.  This was *pre*-9/11 .. haven't 
traveled by air since then.

> I have to stop wearing these Rockport casual shoes. They have a piece 
> of metal
> in the bottom of the shoe (can't feel it, didn't know it was there) 
> but it
> trips the metal detectors every time. They take away my shoes and 
> check them
> and bring them back. That is more of an inconvienence to me than all my
> electronic stuff.

Funny you should mention that, because a pair of boots I had at the 
time also had some metal in the sole.  Confused the heck out of me .. I 
usually travel with really light pockets when I go by air specifically 
to avoid getting hassled at the metal detector, and I KNEW there was 
nothing metal in my pockets because I'd stashed it all at home.  It 
took me and the security guy several minutes with the detector wand to 
figure out that there was some metal in the sole of the boot.  No idea 
why, and I wish the people that make shoes would let us know when they 
do that ..
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                   Bruce Bostwick N5VB

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