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Re: Batteries and airlines

> I have never heard of ANYBODY having an HT confiscated by airport 
> security.  Telescoping whip antennas may be confiscated, though.  In 
> February I hand-carried my FT-847 on flights to Guadeloupe and back.  
> No problems with the TSA inspections in Chicago and San Juan, and no 
> problem with the French security inspection at Guadeloupe.  At the 
> security checkpoint I put the radio in a plastic bin, assuming that 
> they would want to X-ray it separately.  None of the inspectors asked 
> me any questions about the FT-847.

As long as I can carry a couple of HT's and ducky antennas, or an 
FT-817 and its associated portable gear, in my carry on bag, and can be 
sure I can get out of the system where I'm going and then bring 
everything home safely, then that addresses my primary concerns.  I 
don't mind having something rejected when I leave here (and can 
theoretically go drop it off at home and come back) NEARLY as much as 
I'd mind being able to get halfway across the country and THEN have it 
rejected where I have no other way to get it home.  That's the thing I 
worry the most about -- the possibility that someone in one place might 
let me into the system with something that someone somewhere else will 
then decide I can't come back with.

That being said .. it would be nice to have some facility in airports 
to ship things home or otherwise handle them outside the airline 
baggage system (like FedEx, perhaps) that could give travelers some way 
to recover from this if it does happen.  Just a thought .. might make a 
handy little niche market ..
           --... ...-- -.. . -. ..... ...- -...
                   Bruce Bostwick N5VB

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