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Dish depth question

Hello All,

I got hold of another 1.8 metre dish a few days ago (it never rains but it 
pours). This dish is solid aluminium alloy and is quite a bit deeper, and 
heavier, than my other steel petal dish.

I was initially quite excited about finding an aluminium dish to replace my 
rusted and slightly deformed steel dish. After a 300 km trip I was keen to 
test it and after building some support arms for the down-converter my 
excitement soon turned to disappointment.

The focal point is very broad and the beacon was only just audible above the 
noise. The deeper dish is obviously not intended for satellite TV use and so 
I wonder what frequency it might have been built for? A lower frequency, I 

Another question, is the squint angle predicted by Predict accurate?  I 
thought that the squint angle was suppose to be closer to zero around about 


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