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Re: Batteries and airlines

> Moral is, don't expect consistency between airports even within the 
> same
> country. Or even consistency in the same airport...

Well .. my major concerns with carrying ANYTHING valuable on an airline 
flight are these two scenarios:

1) Being able to get somewhere with my equipment but not being able to 
get back home with it.

2) Having a valuable investment confiscated or damaged because the TSA 
guys don't know what it is.

Both of these are MAJOR concerns for anyone traveling with amateur 
radio equipment, especially folks like me who don't have the money to 
go out and buy new radios if we go traveling somewhere and someone 
along the way arbitrarily decides something we're carrying poses some 
sort of "danger" to someone.  Consistency isn't a convenience for 
people like us, it's a necessity, and right now, apparently, the system 
isn't consistent enough for me to have any confidence of getting my 
gear back home when the trip is over.  This is one reason I've stuck to 
driving for even fairly long trips -- at least when I'm driving all I 
have to worry about is the Border Patrol checkpoints and routine 
traffic stops .. and my callsign is on my car along with the antennas 
so it's pretty clear I'm licensed to have the stuff.

It would reassure me greatly if I knew everyone would follow the same 
rules, because otherwise there's the danger of getting "into the 
system" one place where everything's OK and not being able to get "out 
of the system" someplace hundreds of miles away and being faced with 
the possibility of having to dump batteries or even radio gear in the 
trash because there's no way at that point to even get it back home.  
Or having to put it all in unlocked checked baggage and gone through 
somewhere out of sight by people who don't have the chance to ask what 
something is if they're not sure, and may be tempted to pocket it if it 
looks valuable.  Both of these possibilities worry me.  Pre-9/11, I 
used to be able to keep all my HT's in my carry on bag -- I usually 
travel light enough to not need any checked baggage -- but now I don't 
know if I feel like risking it because it's just Russian roulette these 

"Go ahead and do it, you can apologize later." -- RADM Grace Hopper, 
"The sunset is an illusion, but the beauty is real." -- Richard Bach

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