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RE: Batteries and airlines

Hi Drew

> brought the AA and nicad packs for the 817.

An anecdote to that was the recent case in February where a family
(including four kids) tried to board a plane for a long haul flight from
Toronto to Manila. To keep the kids from getting bored, they took on board
several devices like walkmans and hand-held games. And of course they took a
24 pack of spare AA batteries to replace the innevitable dead ones.

Guess what - airport security at Toronto came up with a rule that there was
a 'limit' of two (yes 2) AA batteries per passenger, so they had to dump
twelve of them.

I usually keep a dozen or so spare AA/AAA's with me in my carry on, and I've
never encountered a problem in any Canadian airport.

Moral is, don't expect consistency between airports even within the same
country. Or even consistency in the same airport...

73 Howard G6LVB

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