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Re: RE:RE: Observed AO-40 FEC coded telemetry

Stacey E. Mills wrote:

> As was indicated, there is a minor problem with the decoding software 
> relating to the variable time between downlinked FEC blocks.
> Some users have gotten around this by repeatedly starting and stopping 
> the decoding program.   Phil Karn is working on a fix for this minor issue.

Right. The problem is that when I wrote my decoder, I assumed that the 
FEC-encoded blocks would be sent synchronously, i.e., back-to-back with 
no gaps. The current format alternates FEC-coded and uncoded blocks with 
variable inter-frame delays, and my software doesn't handle this format 

It's taking a little longer than I thought to fix this since it requires 
some major restructuring of the code, but it's doable. I'll probably 
have it extract the uncoded blocks as well as the coded blocks since 
that isn't much extra work.


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