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UO-11 telemetry

 While Clive G3CWV is away on vacation, I'm tasked to collect UO-11
telemetry in his absence. I'm not doing a very good job this time around.
I'm hearing the bird 40+ over S9, but don't seem the be able to decode any.
All I'm seeing is garbage, some that is undecodable. I started out using
MixW, then my 2232, then both simultaneously. All method's are getting the
same result's, no decoded telemetry. I think the bird isn't sending any, as
the tone's I'm hearing, seem very repetitious. Can someone else verify my
poor result's? Any help will be appreciated by the UO-11 group. I'm going to
setup for analog recording, to possibly sort out later Thanks for any help
in advance.

73 Jeff kb2m FM29pe

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