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RE: RE: Batteries and airlines

> Pre-9/11 I had no trouble getting gel-cell type 12v
> batteries onto airliners.  I haven't tried it since.
> Some brands actually have a label right on the battery
> that it meets xyz regulation and is OK for carriage
> aboard aircraft.

Same story here - I've not risked anything but AA NiMH's since 9/11. I do
have eleven 5AH D NiCd cells strapped to each other but have not risked
these either - I would guess that they don't appear how they're meant to in
the X-Ray!

Here's my alternatives...

(a) I rent a car and use the car's battery to power the radio
(b) I take a small 110/240VAC PSU (eg, Alinco 330)
(c) Purchase a small cheap lawn mower wet cell and el cheapo charger while
abrouad and donate them to worthy causes when finished

Interestingly there seem to be differing ways the TSA deal with inspections.
Sometimes they only take an explosive swab on the outside of the cases with
no X-Ray, other times they X-Ray everything. What makes them want to open
one bag as opposed to another is beyond me.

You used to be able to arrive early and be present whilst they did their
inspection and then you could lock your case. Now this is not necessarily
the case 'because it took too long', and your bags will disappear, without
any locks, to the TSA and baggage handlers. Whether you will see your
checked baggage and the equipment inside again is rather questionable. Take
out insurance!

73 Howard G6LVB

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