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Re: AO-40 Squint Angle - reply -

Using the sun as a reference solves a lot of problems and is well document
in the ham lit. We should be focused on the g/t as a figure of merit and we
should exchange our g/t in our qso. Antenna size or gain only tells part of
the story.
nick k5qxj

Gunther said
> Jeff,
> I think you hit it right on the head. Squint gets worse and as the MA
> increases up to 128 the distance keeps increasing..
> Something I do is use the sun as a signal source. It does not have a
> squint problem and is very consistent, except for large storms. In a
> given tuning session, it works pretty well. I am going to install a dual
> band patch next week on my 7.5' dish and I will take sun noise readings
> first using my James Miller patch and then make the switch and hope the
> new W0LMD patch is as hot..
> 73
> Gunther
>Jeff said
> This weekend, I decided to try to optimize my helix feed using the AO-40
> beacon as a signal source. I noticed that AO-40 signal got considerably
> weaker after the pass band shut down as the MA moved from 130 to about
> 200 to a point where I can barely make out the beacon. At first, I
> thought it was my optimization process but when I put the helix back to
> its original configuration, I noticed the signal was still way down.

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