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How to enhance a BBQ Dish ???

Hello All,
 I made a attempt to put up the Primestar dish but quickly found out it
is too heavy of a load ( both in weight and in wind )for what I can
handle on this end. I also found out that the size of this particular
BBQ dish is 24 inches by 33 inches, alittle bigger than I thought it

I recently read a note that someone emailed me recently about how to
enhance this dish by adding a wire mesh and making a round back
reflector ??? Does anyone have this info ??? I thought of "extending"
the size of the reflector and picking up some gain.

Overall, not too bad of a weekend for starters. I did work NN6T, VK2AWD,
VA7MM and JA1CG on CW. Also heard K5OE strong on SSB. I had much better
luck on AO-40 than on 1296 EME this weekend in activity !!!

One more question: How do you remove the dipole off of a AIDC 37CC
downconverter and install a connector so I can use this with a helix
feed ???

K7XQ   Jeff   Atwater, CA.
Grid: CM97qi
EME, Satellites, Meteor Scatter
JT-44, FSK441 ( WSJT ) , CW

144 MHz: 4 X 3 W.L. 800 Watts single 3CX800A7
Initials: 61

432 MHz: 2 X 9 W.L. 800 Watts 2 X 4CX400A7
Initials: 5

1296 MHz: 3.1 M Dish 150 Watts 2 X 2C39 water-cooled
Minimum dish elevation of 20 degrees :<
Initials: 22

K7XQ Homepage: http://www.elite.net/~k7xq/k7xq.html

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