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Mode US interference. Pse help

Hi All

Today I did an upgrade on my AO40 setup:
I replaced the Drake 2880 downcoverter with a
13LNC2-PH from Keps (Italy). 
The first impression was it didn't seem to be working...
I hardly could noticed the increase of noise when I 
apply power. However a few moments later, as soon 
as I tunned MB, WOW! Not only it was working, 
but also it was clear the HUGE difference, compared 
with the Drake. I guess the NF makes all the diference, hi!
Unfortunatly my joy didn't last much. As soon as start
transmitting (to find my downlink), I realised it was my 
turn to have a mode U/S interference. I've read comments 
several times on this list about it, but because it wasn't my 
problem, I didn't pay much attention. Now I need help.
So, what is the best/fast/cheap method to fix it?
Thanks in advance for your reply.

Thanks also for the QSO's today on AO40, specially 
9Z4BM for a new DXCC.
BTW, a couple days ago I spoke with Koji, JY9NX on 6m.
He mention he was going for a one week holiday to Japan,
and on his return to Jordan he will take a IC910H with him.
Beside 2m Es, he plans also to be active on AO-40.
So keep an eye on the windows to Middle East!
CU soon on AO-40

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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