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Re: South America QRM?

On my first trip to South America nearly 10 years ago, in the airline inflight
magazine I saw an ad from a ham radio store in Miami. My first thought was
that there must be a lot of hams in this country for them to be advertising
ham gear in an airline magazine. After a brief time I figured out that they
weren't marketing the gear to hams. 

Since that time I have been in quite a few of the little yellow taxis in
Bogota and a few other cities, but in most of them I could not get a good look
at the radio so I can't say what kind of gear they were using. The few that I
could see were not ham rigs, but I will keep looking next time I am there.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

> -unfortunately we do have QRM from some kind of "comercial stations",
> I think so, on the uplink frequency of UO-14 coming from Central and South
> America.These stations naturally do not read us,otherwise they whoud have
> complained already.
> I do no know what can be done agaist this QRM, I think,several of these
> have a different VHF frequency allocations, or are pirate stations in the
middle of
> the jungle.We have been fiting locally several pirate stations and
gathered some
> sucsess,it's not a easy task.

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