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Re: South America QRM?

At 10:29 AM 6/7/2003 -0400, Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:
>As long as anyone can buy 2m gear anywhere (like RadioShack) cheaper than
>marine radios or business band, we're going to have this type of
>interference. CTCSS tones on the satellites do not help really...If the
>pirates 50 watt signal is there, along with your 5 watt tone encoded signal,
>neither of you will be heard, and you'll just be scratching your head why?
>Obviously there is little that can be done for the birds up there now, but
>future satellite builders should realize this problem can be solved by using
>mode B on LEOs. The pirates just are not there yet on 435, and the doppler
>shifts them out of the uplink passband quickly, at least on FM. A few strong
>downlinks on 2m like Dove and SO-35 were, might scare some guys out of our
>subband at least.
>73, Drew KO4MA

Hi guys,

Well its not just the mass-marketers like Radio Shack either.  I haven't
seen the problem on the Leos but there is prevalent piracy of the ham bands
in Alaska by the fishing industry (commercial not sport).  Most two-way
dealers openly sell 2m ham rigs to the fisherman knowing they intend
unlicensed operation.  I worked for a couple of these shops in the past so
this is NOT second-hand rumor.  I refused to wait on or service their
radios and explaned why to my employers (I hold an FCC commercial lic.).

The fisherman get away with this here due to low ham populations in remote
areas (only 3800 hams in AK), and most hams in the bush are operating HF.
I do not see why the US gov't doesn't require proof of license to purchase
equipment.  Try buying a gun these days!  A lot of fisherman are like the
trucker CBers of the 70s!

Of course they like the ham band because it gives them secret frequencies
to keep from revealing their fishing locations to competitors.  Lots of
legal VHF-Marine radio is now encrypted.  Ham radios are cheaper.  Alaska
hams are very proactive (nice term) about this!!!    {yes gun ownership is
nearly universal in Alaska}

Ed - AL7EB
ASM Kenai Peninsula (AK Section)

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