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bbq dish and cal-amp trx identification ?

One of my colleagues just gave me a barbeque dish with attached dipole feed
with about 3ft RG-8 into N-connector, connected to a CalAmp "Integrated
MDS-MMDS Transceiver", part no. 520005-1 Inside this unit is has the marking
"131509/E Cal Amp 1999" on the board. This dish and trx was most likely used
for a Sprint Broadband isp or possibly PeoplesChoice TV setup. The dish and
feed both are marked "Lance Industries". The dish looks to be a standard bbq
dish, at around 21db or so gain.

Cursory 'googling' leads me to think this is meant for 2.1Ghz(MDS?) and
If this is correct, could I asssume that the feed dipole might work directly
on the AO-40 downlink, and that I could possibly directly connect my AIDC
(K5GNA) downconvertor to it as a first test? Note that I have not opened the
plastic housing around the feed yet...Obviously, replacing the feed dipole
with a helix would give the circular polarity and it's advantages...

Does anyone have any more idea what this is?
Should be a fun weekend!


Johan, WG7J
Glendale, AZ
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