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Re: Re: Re[2]: Newbie: Is S2 TX "on" outside of schedule?

On Friday 06 June 2003 08:11 am, Stacey E. Mills wrote:

> When the passbands (receivers) switch in and out of the matrix, you can
> hear the noise floor rise and fall.  You should only be listening for the
> noise floor when the passbands are active.
> Personal experience:
> The edges of the noise floor drop off gradually, and I can have difficulty
> hearing the difference under less than optimal conditions if I scan slowly
> along the edge of the passband.  However, if I change the scan rate on my
> transceiver to 1 KHz steps and scan trapidly over the edge, it's much
> easier to hear the drop off.

Hello Stacey,
   any chance a experiment could be performed to measure the amount of noise 
each uplink produces, and  to be able to measure the amount of radar pulses 
coming in on U compared to L?   a short  10-20ma?  window of U only and of L 
only might be a interesting test.

Kevin WA6FWF

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