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Re: Re[2]: Newbie: Is S2 TX "on" outside of schedule?

>Reinhard, you are saying the opposite is true....   the MB can be
>transmitting without the rest of the passband coming through the S2 TX,
>so I should only be looking for the transponder noise floor during the
>Transponder ON window?
>Is this correct?

Yes.Reinhard's second post is correct.  The inputs to the S2 Tx comes 
through the IF MATRIX.  When the receivers are disconnected from the 
MATRIX, the passbands are off, and the S2 Tx only has input from the MB IF.

When the passbands (receivers) switch in and out of the matrix, you can 
hear the noise floor rise and fall.  You should only be listening for the 
noise floor when the passbands are active.

Personal experience:
The edges of the noise floor drop off gradually, and I can have difficulty 
hearing the difference under less than optimal conditions if I scan slowly 
along the edge of the passband.  However, if I change the scan rate on my 
transceiver to 1 KHz steps and scan trapidly over the edge, it's much 
easier to hear the drop off.

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