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Re: Re[2]: Newbie: Is S2 TX "on" outside of schedule?

So, I just want to be clear:

A couple people commented to me via email that "how could the MB be on
if the S2 TX isn't?", and I thought to myself "of course, I'm an idiot,
it has to be".

Reinhard, you are saying the opposite is true....   the MB can be
transmitting without the rest of the passband coming through the S2 TX,
so I should only be looking for the transponder noise floor during the
Transponder ON window?

Is this correct?


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Subject: Re[2]: [amsat-bb] Newbie: Is S2 TX "on" outside of schedule?

> Hello Bill,
> Re mail Thursday, June 5, 2003, 6:10:42 PM,
> it is completely wrong what I wrote to you and the reflector. Before I
> receive flames I will correct my previous mail.
> When the passband is OFF there is no connection between the U-RX and
> S2-TX through the IF matrix. The beacon only is connected to the
> So you will not receive the transponder noise with passband OFF. If
> are on receive shortly before beginning of the passband you should
> hear transponder noise as soon as the transponder will be switched on
> (under the condition that the squint is favorable).
> =+=+=+=+=+=+= I F   M A T R I X  +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+
> Inputs
> 24/21
>     V
>     U
>    L1
>    L2
>    S1
>  C/S2
>    GB
>    MB-------------------+
>    EB                   |
> Rud-1                   |
> Rud-2                   |
> Lei-1                   |
> Lei-2                   |
>          V    U   S1   K/S2  X  Lei-1 Lei-2
>                   Outputs

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