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Re: Beagle 2 Launched


Maybe the colours are used to calibrate the spectrometer, but it is also not 
infected by the sunlight on Mars ?? In full sunlight a red car looks 
different red than in the morning sunlight... or at sunset...

Or maybe I am wrong :-)
Thats for the spectrometer experts to decide :-)

With cooperation with AMSAT their might have been an interresting Mars 
investigation together with P5A :-)

Somebody knows how they want to navigate the Beagle to Mars ???
They need to track it... who is doing that ? and can it be monitored ?
Maybe interresting test for the future P5A mission.... to check the radio 
equipment :-)
It seems to be a difficult task, but thats just what they didn't tell in the 
TV program :-(

73 de PE1RAH, William

"William Leijenaar" writes:

>There were also some things I didn't understand the purpose of...
>One is the music they needed to figure out its callsign ????

To understand several things about Beagle it is first necessary to 
the sad (and shameful) state of space funding in the UK. At the beginning
there was no government money, period (and only a small amount later). So 
wanted publicity to get private money. The pop group provided the sound, 
but this also led to much more publicity (and people with experience in 
publicity). The same with the colours on a metal plate - I think these are 
calibrate the spectrometer (not the camera); after being switched off for 
the months of flight it must be checked again before use.

The Beagle story is that of a man who wants to do science on Mars and his
determination to get there (as we say) through hell or high water. What a
man !

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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