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Beagle-2 launched


I watchd (the 2nd part of the 2 programs) as well, these are my thoughts :-

>>>There were also some things I didn't understand the purpose of...
>>>One is the music they needed to figure out its callsign ????
(its for the marsmen to have a music box ? haha)

The 'music' was a bit of a gimmic to raise some publicity by involving a
well known pop group (Blur) to compose a theme tune.  The reasons for
generating as much publicity as possible are obvious, especially as the
project needed (needs?) sponsorship.  The 'theme tune' was converted into a
binary number that will be used in each packet of data sent from the Beagle
lander - this could just as easily been any IP-type header or similar;
getting Blur to generate the number with music is a bit more interesting (to
the public and media) than simply using 'Beagle-2' as a callsign.

>>>Then I also didn't understand the use of the artist that put colours on
metal plate...
>>>It was to calibrate the camera's, they were telling... but you need paint
for it ?????

That one had me thinking as well.  My best guess is that is they want to
send true colour pictures back to earth.  The pictures from many previous
interplanetary missions such as Voyager have been colour enhanced for a
number of reasons.  I would guess that the colour balance of the Beagle-2
cameras would need to be calibrated after spending 6 months in the cold
vacuum of space, and the best way to do this is to send a reference colour
chart with the camera - otherwise there is no easy way of knowing how red
the soil really is.

Does anyone have the first part of the TV program, presumably about the Mars
Express orbiter, on tape?

Anybody want to have a go at decoding telemetry from a martian 7GHz

Grant Hodgson
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