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Re: Smoken those Drakes

There was a product review in December 2001 QST of the "PROTECTOR".  It does pass some current.  It might be good to review the article.  

" Subjecting the Protector to 50 W from the TS-2000 at 145 MHz, Mike determined that the dummy load was shielded from all but 150 mW of power.  Can a downconverter safely withstand 150 mW of RF? It depends on the design. The worst-case scenario is a downconverter that consists of a bare mixer-nothing between the mixer and IF output but some low-loss coax and connectors. In that instance you could see damage at 150 mW, but most downconverters place an IF stage between the mixer and the output. A well-designed IF should be able to handle 150 mW. It is important to point out that The Protector is designed for use with SSB Electronic downconverters and 144 MHz IFs. The Protector is not guaranteed to protect ownconverters
purchased from other manufacturers, regardless of whether the IFs are at 2 meters. Even so, The Protector has already saved my modified Drake 2.4-GHz downconverter at least once. It
is a small investment for a great return in peace of mind."

73's  Tracy 
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