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Beagle 2 Launched


Yesterday night I have watched the tv program on BBC2.
It was a quiet strainge program :-) there was on little technology :-( and 
nothing about the radios :-(
The only radio thing I saw was the antennas of the altitude radar...

So where are the radios ? I guess it must have them somewhere in it....

There were also some things I didn't understand the purpose of...

One is the music they needed to figure out its callsign ????
(its for the marsmen to have a music box ? haha)

Then I also didn't understand the use of the artist that put colours on some 
metal plate...
It was to calibrate the camera's, they were telling... but you need paint 
for it ?????

Okay, I hope it will work at Mars...

73 de PE1RAH, William

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