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AO-40 Portable, Duplexers, and Down Converters, and only 2 cables?

As I continue to plan for FD, I may be faced with the situation of
having my AO-40 antennas 50 or 100' from my rig set-up.

With the thought of trying to minimize the amount of cabling I have to
lug around, and assuming I use a dish with a AIDC downconverter, a
safety bias-tee (not the power option from the FT-847), and already have
the duplexers handy, could I do the following:

r|--2m--[Bias Tee]----|                  |-----AIDC-----Dish
i|                    |Dup>----------<Dup|
g|--70cm--------------|                  |--------------70cm Beam

Assuming the duplexers provide a DC path for the AIDC.
How much power could I run and not smoke the AIDC --- what would happen
first, Leila siren, or downconverter smoke?  :-)

(If I only plan to run AO-40 only, I could also use one rotor tilted at
45 deg, and therefore have one run of coax and one rotor cable between
the operating station and the antennas).

Feel free to punch holes in this idea. :-)


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