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Re: AO-40 FD

Got Curious...so I advanced my computer clock to look at 6/28 with
alat/alon = 0,0.  For Alaska, we come on for FD 4-hours after the east
coast (US) so many of you will have considerable time on the satellite
before I can.  At 1800 UTC (1000 local) the squint is about 6-degrees, but
AOS is earlier at 1259 UTC so it is well up in the sky (az-159, el=24.5)
and just past apogee.  Looks like I might have a couple hours of good
operating.  That's all I can afford to spend this year with my fiancee
arriving later in the evening (Sunday operation is definitely out...:-)

Looks like AO-40 should be fun for those getting on!

73 - Ed AL7EB

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