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Re: G5400 part sought

At 03:42 AM 6/4/2003 +0000, Stan wrote:
>Hello Joe,
>Consider YAESU Parts dept for the U bracket and a new case half, that is 
>already bored out and tapped.
>Stan, WA1ECF

I just looked at my manual, the picture on the front shows the "L" bracket, 
but the rotor actually came with the "U" bracket. Neither the "L" nor the 
"U" bracket show up in the parts list at the back of the manual, other than 
a generic "bracket" label. The top case half is listed as "Upper Housing".


>Joe Leikhim wrote:
>>I am looking for the bracket that couples the AZ and EL rotors together
>>(when the seperation kit isn't used).
>>I have an old style that is "L" shaped and is a bit springy. I am
>>looking for the newer "U" shaped (one side is shorter) which provides
>>more rigidity. Has anyone one laying around to sell?
>>I can see that I will have to drill out and tap the bosses on the case
>>for the extra two screws. Has anyone done this?
>>Joe Leikhim K4SAT

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