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Re: [aprssig] PCSAT2 on-air and READING test.

> PCSAT2 will be outside (seeing the sky) Tuesday at 0800 and 0945 EDT for
> the mornings pass of PCsat.  PCSAT2 will be transmitting its packets via
> PCsat ... to demonstrate satellite-to-satellite communications. East
> Coast Users are welcome to try the path of PCSAT-1,PCSAT2,PCSAT-1 for a
> triple satellite hop test.

It was good to see many of you participating in the PCSAT2 "reading"
test...;-) <wink>

We did get PCsat configured properly for the test, but of the 8 stations
we saw, only 1 had the correct path.  To distinguish PCSAT2 from PCsat, we
include the "2" as part of the root call. This way we can still have all
the different SSID's for PCSAT2-1 for example.  THus, the correct path for
PCSAT2 is via PCSAT2, not PCSAT-2.  Tricky, huh...

Well, its raining again, so we had to bring PCSAT2 indoors.. for this next
pass.  Sorry.  We eont be able to do this test again until 2 weeks from

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